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Week5 Wildcard: Photographer's Choice

Week 5: Wildcard: Photographers Choice

As per instructions: “Capture an image on your terms; who, what, where, when, why, how … it's all up to you. Caveat: You must tell us your intent.” It’s -20c and snowing outside. I didn’t get much of a chance to make a photograph during the week and I had a few hours today and so I brushed the snow off the car and drove off on my mini adventure. I wanted to find a landscape that would reflect the current weather, white on white, kind of a stark, winter photo, maybe something disappearing into the distance.

East of the city is prairie and farm land and so I drove out there looking for something that would catch my eye. I saw fence lines, barren windswept roads, grasses poking through the snow and trees all fading off into the white void where the ground blends seamlessly with the sky. I made some photos here and there. Stepping out of the warm car into the frozen landscape.. You can try shooting from the car window but I’ve found that when it’s really cold the warm air leaving the inside the car will distort the air and prevent you from getting sharp focus, so you need to get out. At least I remembered to wear some winter clothes. My eyes teared up in the wind and my glasses fogged up when I got back in the car. Blowing snow would melt then freeze on my car’s windshield.

For this photo I saw a tree I wanted to shoot across a field, I liked the shape of it, so I parked and half jogged/walked over to get closer. Wind and snow freezing my face. I looked at it from a few angles, trying different shots. I settled on this panorama.. three photos to encompass the scene. Positioned so the primary tree was separated from the ones behind.

I hope you like it.
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