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WEEK 6Vision: Alternating Rhythm

WEEK 6Vision: Alternating Rhythm

Alternate patterns of light to bring depth and rhythm to the photograph.

It was a bit challenging for me to conceptualize a photograph with alternate patterns of light that wasn't shadows falling off of a picket fence, or another tree photo, or street lights along the road.. although it's been snowy and cold here and the street lights have been looking pretty moody.

I had a couple other ideas based on using flashes but sometimes it felt like accomplishing them would be more like an arts and crafts project rather than making a photo. There is a facebook group for the project where we post our shots. It’s fun to see other’s work, but I’m reluctant to look up the theme ahead of time because it’d feel like I’d just end up copying someone else’s photo.

Last week at lunch I went looking for a scene and almost posted a shot of a textured wall that had angled sunlight light on it but later, when I was about to post, I re-read the theme and decided it didn’t quite match the goal. The subject was flat and two dimensional and lacked depth. I thought I could do better, at the expense of handing in my homework late ;)

When driving home from work I pass a construction site where they've covered off the sidewalk and it has lights along the walkway. I’ve been wanting to try and make a photo there for a while and thought this might fit the theme. I took a number of shots from different angles and at times there were some pedestrians to add interest, a bit of a street scene. There are lights, a bit of depth and rhythm created by the curved walkway.. Maybe I’m stretching here.. If you have time, let me know what you think, thanks for looking.

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