2017-06-17 Gap peak and Mt Fable - BradOrr


On Saturday, Conor and I met up with Mike and Gerry to hike from Gap peak along the ridge to Mt Fable.

I was considering this hike as our next objective and I noticed that someone had posted on instagram that they were going to hike Mt Fable. I reached out and asked if they were going to do the traverse and if we could go with them. They were agreeable so we decided to meet at the Legion in Exshaw. Just like that, new friends. The traverse route starts at Grotto pond and ends up in Exshaw so it's helpful to have two cars so you can avoid 5km of highway walking at the end of an already long day.

I'd hiked Mt Fable last year with Leon Kang, we didn't know about the traverse and were just going to climb up Fable.. when descending we kept running into folks that were coming from Gap peak and they all said the traverse was easy and fun, so we decided to try it out, we got off track a few times, cliff-ed out and ended up side hilling below Gap peak on rubble, which wasn't the best fun. I'm mentioning this because if you're thinking of doing the traverse I'd recommend going from Gap to Fable like we did on this trip.

Leaving from Grotto pond we were headed towards the quarry where the trail starts but came across some paths that led up a creek. Those paths were irresistible and we started following the creek. I was checking my GPS and it looked like the trail would end but it was also parallel to the trail on my map. We could see in the trees that the terrain was getting a little bit cliffy so we cut a hard left and started bushwhacking.. and so it began.

yada yada yada..

13 hours and 20 kms later we were in Exshaw piling into my car for the short drive back to grotto pond.