2017-06-11 Mt Bryant - BradOrr

Mt Bryant

Conor and I met up with Natasha to hike Mt Bryant on Sunday. I'd been thinking of Bryant as a trip for a few weeks after hiking nearby compression ridge and seeing a recent trip report posted for it.. It rained Saturday. A lot. and in the mountains it was forecast to snow at elevation. We started early Sunday morning under nice sunny skies and as we made our way along the creek we started to spot accumulated snow on the ground. When we rounded the corner to the approach to the tarn there was quite a bit of snow on the ground and a few drifts.
At the tarn, there was a campsite in the trees, we'd just missed the camper as we could see his footprints in the snow. The firepit was still warm and Conor was able to get some twigs to burn. As we left the tarn and made our way up the slopes, a small avalanche of snow released at the far end of the cirque. The snow looked liquid as is ran down the very steep slope. We proceeded up hill to a small cliffband that was covered in snow and a bit of melting ice. Once above the cliffband it was a plod uphill until we reached the summit. I'd read that the scree/talus here is horrible but found the talus to be reasonably stable in that it wasn't churning on us and wasn't as loose as I was expecting. In the scree we saw lots of shell and coral fossils.
On descent we plunged stepped in some of the deeper snow drifts which was slightly easier than downclimbing the talus. Much of the surface snow from Saturday was melting off, especially in the valley bottom. Once we got back to the valley we were able to spot a well worn trail that was hidden beneath snow in the morning and our hike out was a little quicker. We hiked out the sun was shining and it turned into a beautiful afternoon. Overall it was an enjoyable day.

d20170611hikingMt Bryant