2017-06-02 Rimwall - BradOrr


On Friday Conor and I met up with Leon Kang, and James for a hike up Rimwall in the Kananaskis.

We'd started around 4:00pm. I'd done rimwall in 2014 as a solo adventure and really liked it. This time I was with Leon, James and Conor. I remembered hiking up closer to the pass before turning and scrambling up some fun cliffbands and I was excited to show Conor.

The terrain around the pass is amazing and as we got close we quickly lost track of Leon. Conor had moved ahead to the scrambly bits and I felt like I was caught trying to herd cats. lol.

Eventually we all got together on the upper ridge and hiked up to the summit. It was quite windy and a little bit chilly.
On descent we found an awesome scree line that led to the forested slopes above west windy pass. We kept thinking we were either close to the trail or on it before discovering that we weren't and there was still more descent and traversing to do.. As we got lower the wind died down and it was a pleasant hike out in beautiful evening light.

Eventually we got back to the car.. round trip was 5 hours.