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Week 1, Looking ahead

Week 1 - Looking forward

Hello, a couple years ago I tried a photo-a-day challenge which was to make a themed photo and post one every day for a year. I didn’t make it much past June as I got a bit off track and I didn’t really recover. Looking back at the photos there were a few that I really liked and I (sometimes) enjoyed the process of trying to come up with a composition to match the themes.

Well, a new year has just started and projects like this tend to line up with new beginnings. So, I’m kicking off another project, but this time it’s a weekly challenge with a goal to post a photo a week. It shouldn’t be as intense as a daily one and there’s nothing to say I can’t post more than one photo in a given week if it matches the theme. We’ll see how it goes.

The first theme is “Looking Forward”. I enjoy scrambling in the mountains and since I started that obsession I’ve been lucky enough to stand on over 140 mountain tops. Like photo projects, at the beginning of the year it’s fun to reflect on our past achievements and to make a list of objectives that we’d like to attempt. This is what I based this weeks theme on. Looking forward to the next season of hiking and scrambling mountains.

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